I'm on a mission to redefine what it means to be a travel advisor. You have been doing this whole thing wrong and it's time to shake things the fuck up! You can have wild success without the 24-7 hustle.  As your sales and marketing coach, I say goodbye to the relentless pursuit of sales and commission worries. It's not about YOU—it's about partnering with, understanding and serving the needs of your clients all while living the life you DESERVE. Let go of the desperation for every booking; thrive by offering exceptional service and embracing an abundant mindset. Join me on this journey to more income, fewer hours, stronger boundaries, and the freedom to travel without being tied to your laptop. It's time to MAXIMIZE your approach and find JOY in the process!

My mission is to change the travel industry, one advisor at a time.

I offer a unique approach to travel advisor education that emphasizes building and scaling your business without the hustle and self sabotage. My courses cover a range of topics, including how to create and grow your Facebook Group and the journey from "am I really a travel advisor?" to "booked and ready for take off." My goal is to help you build a next level travel business that reflects your values and empowers you to live life on your terms. This does not mean it will happen overnight. It takes time to grow and attract aligned clients. You will have to get uncomfortable to become the sales person I know you can be. But, you will not be ALONE in this chapter of your business while you are figuring things out. I'm here to support you along the way! Join us and discover the power of building a profitable travel business while embracing the anti-hustle lifestyle.

The Maximize Podcast is the place where we have down to earth, no BS conversations about the questions I get daily in my free Facebook group for travel advisors.

Following my Maximize Method means rebelling against hustle culture and proving that you don’t need to
sacrifice your OWN life and time to build a travel business that is profitable and fun.

Get ready to be inspired, learn a ton, and become a member of the Maximize community.

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Join a community of over 7700 travel advisors who are learning a new way to think about and run their travel businesses. With daily tips, tricks, advice, and inspiration, you'll learn something new with every post! This is NOT your typical advice group. It is run by me, and I keep it real and you will hear things about how you've been doing this shit wrong for a long time. I've spent 17 years as a travel advisor and have worked with thousands of clients, building custom, luxury vacations. I want to help you learn a new way to have the travel business you love and enjoy without working until midnight each day to do it. If you cannot handle cussing, this group is not for you.

Maximize Your Travel Business

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