I offer a unique approach to travel advisor education that emphasizes building and scaling your business without the 24/7 hustle and self sabotage. My courses cover a range of topics, including how to create and grow your private Facebook Group attracting aligned clients and the journey from "am I really a travel advisor?" to "booked and ready for take off." My goal is to help you build a next level travel business that reflects your values and empowers you to live life on your terms. Join us and discover the power of building a profitable travel business while embracing the anti-hustle lifestyle.

Did you know that you haven't been trained AT ALL in sales? You may have been taught to use your CRM or taken a product webinar about that destination, resort or cruise, but that's not sales training. You probably even know how to create a booking with your host's preferred vendor...not sales training. I'm sure you have set up your Instagram and FB page, but you have NO fucking idea what to do to CLOSE A SALE b/c marketing isn't sales training. You are not sure what to say or how to present a proposal that wows your prospects b/c you haven't been trained. Are you worried about being "pushy," "salesy" or bothersome? Are you tired of hearing that "travel sells itself"? Are you disappointed, angry or burnt out from prospects taking your knowledge and booking on their own? 

It's time to embrace being a service-based sales person who knows what to say and when. The Propose To Close Sales Course is a self-paced, self-study program that takes you and your prospects on a step-by-step journey. It is an intense 10 hour, 9-module course designed for Travel Advisors who want to weed out tire-kickers early, stop quoting in the DMs, are totally over having their "brain picked" or guessing what people are asking for when they send the message, "Can you shoot me some information about..."

This course is for the agent who is READY to learn a bullshit-free approach to sales and stop listening to "how it's always been done". You'll learn how to build relationships with prospects quickly, become a master-qualifier, send ONE proposal vs. the 5-7 you have been sending and CLOSE the deal in under a week. Whether you are a brand new TA who needs a smooth sales process or a veteran TA with horrible habits, spinning yourself into  exhaustion and burnout; this course will change your business, but more importantly, your life.  

Pair it up with First Class Community Facebook Groups Course to take your business to whole new heights.

Do you dream of building a travel advisor business where clients rave about your service and come back year after year? Are you tired of the constant hustle for new leads, feeling like a glorified booking engine, and watching clients disappear after their trip is finalized? If you're ready to ditch the hamster wheel and create a thriving business built on loyalty and referrals, then From Closed to Home is the course for you.

This comprehensive program dives deep into the art of post-booking client care, equipping you with the strategies you need to transform every interaction into a positive, memorable experience. From Closed to Home goes beyond generic advice. You'll learn how to leverage the power of texting for effective communication while establishing healthy boundaries. We'll show you how to anticipate your clients' needs before they even arise, ensuring a smooth and seamless journey from booking to "welcome home." Discover the secrets to crafting personalized itineraries, handling unexpected travel hiccups with grace, and following up after the trip to nurture lasting relationships and encourage repeat bookings.

From Closed to Home is your key to unlocking the full potential of your travel advisor business. Stop chasing one-time bookings and start building a loyal clientele who not only come back to you time and again, but also refer their friends and family, creating a thriving business that fuels your passion for travel and allows you to focus on what matters most – creating unforgettable experiences for your clients.

Have you tried "everything" when it comes to attracting leads? Are you posting daily on IG or Facebook Pages without success? Are you so over the social media game? Do you wish you knew exactly what to post and when? Do you want to grow an online travel business instead of in-person network? 

The First Class Community Facebook Groups Course is a self-paced, self-study program that I have been teaching since 2019 and utilizing in my own businesses since 2016. I run my travel business 100% in my FB group and sell between $600-$750K a year working 20ish hours a week making 6-figures. The course has been customized for Travel Advisors who are ready to RUN THEIR BUSINESS in their Facebook groups with a 3-pillar strategy. Whether you have a Facebook Group or are building from scratch, you NEED this course to take you to the next level in engagement, educating and connecting with your prospects and clients. It has five individual modules that cover all your burning questions! This offer also includes access to the members only Facebook Group: First Class Community with Marcie along with a reusable 30 day content calendar to kickstart your success!

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Have you mastered the sales process but want to make more money? Are you ready to say yes to quality over quantity? Do you want to master the upsell while offering pristine service to higher-end prospects? Do you want to be partnered with high end vendors and learning more about how to close bigger sales? Do you wish your current clients would be willing to increase their budgets? Are you excited to level up in both confidence and commissions year over year? 

Commission With A Comma is a self-paced, self-study sales program that will help you serve the same (or less) amount of clients each year, making more money per reservation. In 2019, I decided to shift into selling luxury destinations, resorts and cruise-lines. I began partnering with DMCs and vendors with higher commissions and incredible service for our mutual clients. I sought group opportunities that are NOT destination weddings and learned how to maximize those experiences, creating loyal clients who are willing to spend more each year (and refer me to their friends).  

It will take time, persistence and the ability to turn down "business" that you used to say yes to, but it is possible! You'll need to get the fuck out of your own way and INVEST in the same experiences you want to sell. This is a course that will force you to dig deep, set huge goals and pursue them without the worry of what others think. It will teach you how to consistently think of ways to create masterpiece vacations in higher price points, offer 5* service from start to finish and attract clients who only want YOU for all future trips!

You'll spend less time working for pennies and more time making the money you desire to have the life you want to have and travel in luxury if that's your wish! 

The Maximize Podcast is the place where we have down to earth, no BS conversations about the questions I get daily in my free Facebook group for travel advisors.

Following my Maximize Method means rebelling against hustle culture and proving that you don’t need to
sacrifice your OWN life and time to build a travel business that is profitable and fun.

Get ready to be inspired, learn a ton, and become a member of the Maximize community.

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Join a community of over 7700 travel advisors who are learning a new way to think about and run their travel businesses. With daily tips, tricks, advice, and inspiration, you'll learn something new with every post! This is NOT your typical advice group. It is run by me, and I keep it real and you will hear things about how you've been doing this shit wrong for a long time. I've spent 17 years as a travel advisor and have worked with thousands of clients, building custom, luxury vacations. I want to help you learn a new way to have the travel business you love and enjoy without working until midnight each day to do it. If you cannot handle cussing, this group is not for you.

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