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HOW WOULD IT FEEL TO FINALLY Ditch the Hustle and Build Client Loyalty?

Tired of the endless chase for new clients? Dreaming of building meaningful relationships with those who truly appreciate your expertise?

From Closed to Home is the course for busy travel advisors who want to ditch the hamster wheel and create a thriving business built on client loyalty.

It's time to learn tried and true strategies to build ironclad client relationships.

Sick of the "book it and forget it" mindset but don't know what to do next? this course will teach you how to:

Increase your cost per booking: By exceeding expectations and building loyalty, you'll naturally attract clients who are happy to invest in your expertise.

Free up your time: Automated workflows and efficient communication strategies free you from tedious tasks, allowing you to focus on what matters most – building relationships with your clients.

Boost client loyalty and referrals: Happy clients become raving fans who sing your praises and refer their friends and family. Closed to Home shows you how to cultivate these relationships and turn one-time bookings into lifelong clients.

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Master the Art of Texting (Boundaries Included)

Learn to communicate effectively and build trust without becoming a 24/7 text therapist.

Craft Personalized Workflows

Ditch the generic approach and create seamless client experiences for every type of traveler, from budget-minded to luxury jet-setters.

Learn how to handle travel issues and intuitively serve

I know you care about your aligned client's vacation as much as your own, so let's lean into knowing what they need before they do!

Transform Clients into Raving Fans

Forget chasing one-time bookings. Learn to build lasting relationships that keep aligned clients coming back year after year (and spending more $$) while referring their friends.

from closed to home

I know what you're feeling. I've been there - glued to my phone, chasing down leads, feeling like a glorified booking engine.

Clients would disappear after they booked, and the cycle would start all over again.

There had to be a better way.

And then I implemented these strategies. I streamlined my workflows, mastered the art of client communication, and learned to anticipate my clients' needs before they even arose. The result? A thriving business built on loyalty, referrals, and repeat clients who rave about my service.

This course was written by me, based on my OWN experiences (and we all know by now - I'm not for everyone so don't @ me).

I designed my workflow to keep me in the travel office less than 20 hours a week, making the most money I've ever made.

I'm not going to sugarcoat things, but take it from me...if you don't provide the service that clients deserve, there is no fucking reason they will return for more. Let's level up the luxury care even if you do not sell luxury vacations (yet). Concierge service takes your business into a whole new elevation and if you don't like texting, it's time to hit the X on this page, because my entire business was built on the specific idea that connecting should happen with an emoji and open ended question via tapping.

This course isn't just about service; it's a business transformation roadmap. You'll learn battle-tested strategies to build ironclad client relationships that keep your calendar full with repeat travelers and referrals.

Do not take this course if you:

This course is for travel advisors who are ready to:

Work smarter, not harder.

Ditch the constant hustle by customizing a workflow for each client.

Build a thriving business based on client loyalty and relationships.

Become the go-to travel advisor for aligned clients.

Wow their clients with surprises along the way.

Stop competing on price and start showcasing their true value.

Don't want to connect further than "let's book!"

Are not a texter or want to learn that texting is the BEST way to connect with clients, especially under a deadline.

Don't like cussing b/c I cuss all the fucking time.

Are cool with being basic in the service department of your travel business.

You'll have 7 modules of the step-by-step processes that I personally have been utilizing in my service-based travel business for more than 15 years. 

I am providing my personalized, customizable templates and new, fresh deas that can be interwoven into your business. Whether you have a virtual assistant or not, you'll be coached on how to handle the travel hiccups, protect your time and sanity, how to maintain connection after the trip and stand out from the travel advisor / online booking DIY crowd.

module one

Badass Boundaries

Learn to leverage the power of texting for effective communication while establishing healthy boundaries to protect your time and sanity. Discover how to craft the perfect balance between responsiveness and maintaining a work-life balance.

module two

Post-Sale Relationship Building

The booking is complete, but the relationship is just beginning! This module equips you with strategies to nurture client connections and build lasting trust. You'll learn to personalize the post-booking experience and keep your clients engaged until their trip arrives.

module three

Intuitive Service Skills

Become an expert at anticipating your clients' needs before they even arise. This module dives into the art of intuitive service, helping you read travel personalities, understand client expectations, and consistently exceed them.

module four

Seamless Travel: 60 Days to Go

Ensure a smooth journey from booking to departure with this module. Learn how to create personalized itineraries, send timely updates, and handle pre-trip logistics with finesse.

module five

Final Countdown: 30 Days to Go

The excitement builds as the trip approaches! This module equips you with strategies for last-minute confirmations, essential travel reminders, and building anticipation for an unforgettable experience.

module six

Navigating Bumps in the Road

Even the smoothest trips can encounter unexpected hiccups. This module teaches you how to handle travel mishaps with grace and professionalism, turning potential problems into positive client interactions.

module seven

Follow-Up & Loyalty

The trip may be over, but the relationship continues! This module focuses on post-trip follow-up strategies to ensure client satisfaction and encourage repeat bookings. You'll learn the art of the thank-you note, gathering valuable feedback, and turning happy clients into raving fans who refer their network.

Join a community of over 7700 travel advisors who are learning a new way to think about and run their travel businesses. With daily tips, tricks, advice, and inspiration, you'll learn something new with every post! This is NOT your typical advice group. It is run by me, and I keep it real and you will hear things about how you've been doing this shit wrong for a long time. I've spent 17 years as a travel advisor and have worked with thousands of clients, building custom, luxury vacations. I want to help you learn a new way to have the travel business you love and enjoy without working until midnight each day to do it. If you cannot handle cussing, this group is not for you.

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