How to grow a community that leads to more sales, referrals, and loyal, lifelong clients.

I'm talking about aligned clients who value the concierge care you provide and brag about your services to all of their friends and family.

What if this weekend was the last weekend you ever spent worrying about where your next lead was coming from? Or wondering what to post to Instagram to go "viral?"

It's all possible, but it's up to you.

Right now, you feel like you've tried everything...

and you're just not getting the sales you were dreaming of when you started your travel agent biz.

You're on the verge of burnout, you can't stand the Instagram rat race, and you're over the feeling of worry when the leads seem to barely trickle in.

You know there has to be an easier way to grow your business, but you have no idea where to start when it comes to Facebook. Or maybe you have a Facebook group but it barely has a pulse anymore.

course overview, module descriptions, live testimonials, and faqS


Largest social media platform in the world

2.91 Billion users a month as of January 2023 with 69% of US adults being active daily users

The most popular of the social media choice for adults 

with 70% logging in once a day and 49% logging in multiple times a day

Increased visibility yielding more daily engagement

even on posts that are several days / weeks old

Target clients more effectively

due to ability to personalize the settings

I was LITERALLY where you are right now...

No clue how to grow my business, burnt the fuck out, working every weekend, missing important family time, and on the verge of burning my business to the ground.

For years, I was a barista by day and a travel agent by night, trying to make a life for my family. I know a thing or two about the grind and the work it takes to make it in this business.

But I knew I wanted more for myself. More for my income. More for my clients. And LESS for my daily schedule.

I've been in it since the Myspace days and let me tell you -- cracking the Facebook Group code was the ONLY thing that kept me in this business.  And not only did it keep me here, it helped me start hitting consistent six figure sales years to clients that can't stop talking about me! Stop the social media madness and go to a place where your network relies on information EVERY day... Fuck IG, pages and TT. 

I want this success for you. If you've tried "everything" but do not have an engaging, profitable group, give this course a go!


Here’s everything that we’re gonna cover inside the seven modules of The First Class Community Facebook Group Course so you can supercharge your audience and learn what you need to know to book out your client schedule while working LESS!

It's one year from now, and you've created a community of clients that love, support, tell their friends about you...

You have a booked out calendar that is full of high-end clients you love working with...

And you have multiple vacations booked for yourself, because you can afford to take time off without fear of losing work...

picture this:

Why do I need this particular social media training?

For one thing.... it is NOT social media training! It is travel advisor business training that utilizes a social media space that is free to you allowing you to have access to your current network in a new, fresh way! Your client quality will improve, your calendar of appointments will fill and you'll book more valuable vacations with better commissions. The course will provide you all the tools to not only connect with them in this space, educating them on what you do and your travel niche, but also allow them to know you when you connect with them in person, offline in your consultations!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time will this take for all this content posting?

If you have time to scroll, double tap, comment, like; you have time to post in your Facebook group, grow your community and build your network using my strategies! This is like anything else in your business. It will not happen on its own or without effort and blocking time in your schedule to make it work.  

Why is this training different from other courses?

My strategies are tested and proven and I'll share why w/hard numbers and consistent updates. This will be customized for YOUR business and YOUR calendar utilizing YOUR schedule for YOUR most aligned clients! I give you actionable immediate steps and you'll see progress in the first month when you follow our content calendar!  

Will you be available to help me after I've taken the course?

I want my clients to feel comfortable and confident. You will have access to a support group of other travel advisors in an exclusive private Facebook Group designed to offer you a community alongside others who have also taken the course to collaborate with and direct access to me for occasional live Q&As.

Do you provide a customer satisfaction guarantee?

This is a course designed to offer you a new way to run your business using Facebook Groups, but I absolutely will not guarantee results, as that is subjective to your investment in your own business using these strategies.

I've paid for SO MANY other courses - Why should I take yours?

I am not going to convince you to take this course. If you aren't ready to dive into a new way of running your business using Facebook Groups, please come back when you are (or don't - it's up to you). 100+ of your fellow TA colleagues and 300 other sales people have taken my Facebook Groups course and are running successful businesses, making connections, receiving referrals, growing their community and having more fun in their business than they have EVER. I would not sell a course like this if I weren't confident that this works for those who take the time to actually do what I say.

Join a community of over 7700 travel advisors who are learning a new way to think about and run their travel businesses. With daily tips, tricks, advice, and inspiration, you'll learn something new with every post! This is NOT your typical advice group. It is run by me, and I keep it real and you will hear things about how you've been doing this shit wrong for a long time. I've spent 17 years as a travel advisor and have worked with thousands of clients, building custom, luxury vacations. I want to help you learn a new way to have the travel business you love and enjoy without working until midnight each day to do it. If you cannot handle cussing, this group is not for you.

Maximize Your Travel Business

with my free Facebook group

You deserve to have the travel business you've been dreaming about.